as many of you know danneel ackles gets a lot of hate which she doesn’t deserve. she is amazing and beautiful woman and she should know that we love her so i’ve decided to a project showing were we can show our love for her. 

what can i do for the project?

letters, art, etc as long it can be put into a binder and not insulting to danneel. don’t worry i will be putting the stuff in page protectors so you don’t have to hole punch

how long should the letter be and what size should the paper be?

the letter can be as long you want and please put everything on a4 paper

please be careful of spelling errors 

when do you want our stuff?

I wont be asking for anything till augest because i will be at summer camp for two months and they will not be due to till april of 2014 but i thought i would let yall start 

How will you be getting this danneel?

I plan on going to a convention next year and i will give the final project to jensen

if you have any more questins please feel free to ask

Doesn’t matter how tough we are, trauma always leaves a scar. It follows us home, it changes our lives, trauma messes everybody up, but maybe that’s the point. All the pain and the fear and the crap. Maybe going through all of that is what keeps us moving forward. It’s what pushes us. Maybe we have to get a little messed up, before we can step up.
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you can’t ship bruce/tony more than them tbh.

Title: Blue Jeans


Lana Del Rey- Blue Jeans




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Clint comes back injured a lot.  Phil is used to it by now, keeps a complete emergency first aid kit in his office instead of the little canvas one every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is issued, because he knows that Clint will come to him first, instead of going to the infirmary.  He also knows that it’s not even worth his time to suggest the infirmary because Clint will acquiesce and leave and Phil will find him, hours later, asleep on the floor of his room, and there will be no record of his ever having gone for medical attention.  So he keeps his own supplies, and he’s gotten pretty good at patching up and bandaging and examining and – on more than one memorable occasion – stitching up lacerations that Clint deems ‘just a scratch’ and Hank deems ‘oh, my God, Barton, why the hell didn’t you get that seen to?’

Clint walks into his office half-dead all the time, so he’s learned to keep calm and just take it in stride, and one injury blurs into the next and when it’s dark and they’re in bed and Phil is gently feeling out each battle scar with his fingers and lips and tongue, he can’t even remember anymore where they all come from.

But the day neither of them will ever forget is the day Phil walks into his own office with one hand in his hair, trying to stop the blood from pouring out over his face by soaking up as much of it as possible with the tattered remnants of one shirtsleeve.  And Clint, who’s been in there for the last hour waiting for Phil to get back from San Juan, leaps up to greet him and all the colour just drains from his face like he’s the one who’s losing all his blood, like he’s just seen one of his worst nightmares come true, and Phil sways and Clint catches him before he hits the ground.  Clint’s talking, doesn’t even know what he’s saying but Phil remembers it all, steady stream of curses and reassurances and things that don’t make any sense at all, and all the while Clint is wiping away the blood and cleaning the cut and slapping on far too many butterfly strips, the words never stop.

And Clint says, I think you need to go to the infirmary, and Phil asks him if he has any idea how much paperwork that will make for him – which of course he doesn’t, but Clint, who can hit a precision bulls-eye from hundreds of feet away, who can fletch a half-inch-long dart without a magnifying glass, who can restring a bow in less than twenty seconds, doesn’t dare to get anywhere near Phil’s head with a needle and he needs stitches, that much is obvious.

So Clint helps him down to the infirmary, one arm strong around Phil’s waist, and even though Phil has to give him directions because he’s never even been down there, he doesn’t leave the whole time the med techs are fixing up his shoddy bandage job and giving Phil proper medical care.  And he doesn’t leave afterward, either, helps Phil back up to his room and says if he catches Phil trying to get up and go back to work he’s going to take drastic action.

Phil does as he’s told, goes to sleep, and wakes up later that evening when Clint slides in beside him, all warm skin and tousled hair and calloused hands.  He curls into Clint’s arms and falls asleep again to the sensation of soft breathing on his neck, and in the morning, when he gets up and fights off the inevitable headache with the strongest cup of coffee he’s ever brewed, he finds out that all of the paperwork has been filled out already in Clint’s rough, blocky handwriting.

fantastic one shot. it’s everything.

When your heart gets broken, you sort of see the cracks in everything.
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Screencaps from Tyler Ward’s The Hardest Thing feat. Kurt Hugo Schneider