Favorite supernatural special opening: Clap your hands if you believe

the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

Inspired by The Woman


St. Kilda, Scotland (by JC Richardson)


Maybe you were the ocean when I was just a stone



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“Thor and Captain America are coming to his rescue. When Thor rips Tony Stark’s helmet free, the unconscious billionaire was suppose to wake suddenly, catch his breath, and ask, ‘What’s next?’ … 

‘What happened?’ Stark groans, coming back to consciousness as Captain America and Thor loom over him. ‘Please tell me nobody tried to kiss me.’

[Chris] Evans raises another question as the cameras are about to roll. ‘Wait, how do I check for a pulse?’ he asks, realizing that Iron Man’s armor makes it impossible. [Joss] Whedon’s face furrows as he thinks. Right. ‘Press his chest, lean down, and feel for his breath,’ the director says.”

— Entertainment Weekly (October 2011)


#sTUPID KIDS #oh my god if you’ve read the books then you probably noticed how gendry’s crush is so BLATANT #possibly cryin’ about it #u need a download for subtlety bro