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And I’m not even sorry


fighting at school by ~LA-P



I’m Ray

And I’ve taken a liking towards the whole superfamily Avengers thing




Oh, I’m starting to want you to make me.

#i realized that tony was the first one to touch steve #the first to make a friendly sort of gesture #and steve knocks his hand away completely shutting him down #and after that tony’s just like ”fuck this. don’t touch me bro” #even after a fucking explosion and amidst chaos when steve reaches for him tony jerks his arm away #and steve doesn’t bother arguing he just grabs tony a second time #this time with both hands so tony can’t pull away #godfuckingdammit

#This is the perfect progression of their relationship #Even if you don’t ship them #You have to agree that they are #in the end #the leaders of the Avenger #Together #And that they have this bond together that none of the other members have #And it’s because of this bond that they’re able to run the Avengers#And the reason that the breaking of this bond was such a huge disaster

“…thanks, dads,”


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About Steve, about Tony.


A note.

I’m seeing tuns of post about people complaining about the SteveTony shippers who are “reading things in the movie when there was nothing”, and all this kind of stuff.

Ok…ay. Seriously, can’t we just all let it be?

Example: I don’t ship Thor and Loki, I don’t read things into their interactions except major daddy issues and brother issues, yet a HUGE amount of people is shipping them and I’m delighted for them, because shipping is fun and harmless and it’s ok to love what you want?

I’m talking to people right now who saw none of the UST between Steve and Tony in the movie, but they’re not jumping at my throat because I did see things, and I’m swimming in my little happy shipping place and it’s all fine?
There is a difference between saying “aw, I didn’t see it that way” and direct attack of “you are WRONG this is not what happened.”

Since when SHIPPING is rational and justified for everyone? I mean, come on, at the end of the day, we see what we want to see, and it produces flailing, fics, arts, happy thoughts, and so on.

I’m a firm believer of “let shippers be” and I’m delighted for ANY KIND OF SHIP people want to root for, either I like said ship or not, but it would really make me sad if suddenly the LONG TIME SteveTony shippers get attacked for reading things in the movie that maybe a majority don’t see. This is not cool.


Just casually bringing back my Civil War feels by drawing a dramatic Steve and Tony stare down.