the weather is too hot and I can’t sleep so I’m working on stuff that i’ll never get done.

fassbender has such magnificent features, that man is a god. and my lord satan knows how much I love McAvoy and how perfect they look as Charles and Erik in XMFC  but uuuugh I CAN’T DRAW THEM, THEIR FACES ARE TOO MUCH FOR ME.

not like I really REALLY tried to draw them as the actors or something but uhh I just don’t feel ok with the way I draw them, they look so… flat


at the table.


Happy McFassy Tuesday everyone!


Mm Yes. Very nice.



Brace yourselves. Tuesday is coming.

And now (technically), it’s here! XD


The infamous Golf Cart incident recounted from five different interviews.


I love this pairing.  Like, SRSLY GUISE.   

I know I’ve been quiet lately but I still love this movie and this cast and these two men SO MUCH.  


Interviewer: How does Magneto take his martini?

10 ships I will go down with:
9. Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr [Cherik] [X-Men]


What are aspects of yourself that you find comfort in finding other people?

Michael: I think the geekish element. I mean, I definitely I feel like I, uh, I’m a nerd. Sort of, in so many different ways but uh, so I think it’s actually through realising that you actually find an interest and passion in something. I feel so lucky that I found a profession where I can really sort of express that.

James: I think, for me, it’s just people who are open and be able to make the most of your day and, like, try and have a nice time together and that’s what I kind of respond to. I just wanted to let you know…darling. 

Michael: Me too.

Interviewer: This is a sweet moment.

James: It was…nearly as powerful as the film.


XMFC: Cherik Kitties by ~ozamham

Before they were enemies, they were allies.